Monthly Archives: July 2013


There are no successful people, everybody is struggling to remember that something more that they feel in their heart.


The best job in the world is useless if your family is home alone.

Know all

What’s the sense in being a know-it-all, if you don’t know your own heart?


The more stuff you collect in your life, the less access you have to your heart, not a good trade-off.


You probably keep a little bit of religion on standby, just in case things get desperate, that’s quite mad really.

Very few

There are very few things that you really believe in, probably none that you would die for.


What’s the purpose for living, ask your own heart, it knows an answer that suits you and you alone.


You are not here to follow a ghosts footprints in the sand, you are here to remember your self, nothing else, now wake up!


If you can look into your eyes in the mirror and smile, it doesn’t mean anything, the truth is in your heart, idiot!


When you can’t sleep at night, why don’t you try talking to your heart and see what happens?